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Pro ASP.NET 4.0 in C# 2010 - Matthew MacDonald

Asp.NET için .NET 4 üzerinden anlatılan 2. kitap. 1500 sayfa civarında güzel bir kitap.
Product Description

ASP.NET 4.0 is the latest version of Microsoft's revolutionary ASP.NET technology. It is the principal standard for creating dynamic web pages on the Windows platform. Pro ASP.NET 4.0 in C# 2010 raises the bar for high-quality, practical advice on learning and deploying Microsoft's dynamic web solution.

This new edition is updated with everything you need to come to grips with the latest version of ASP.NET, including coverage of ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX 4.0, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, and Silverlight 3.

Seasoned .NET professionals Matthew MacDonald and Mario Szpuszta explain how you can get the most from these groundbreaking new technologies. They cover ASP.NET 4.0 as a whole, illustrating both the brand-new features and the functionality carried over from previous versions of ASP. This book will give you the knowledge you need to code real ASP.NET 4.0 applications in the best possible style.

What you'll learn
 - Understand why ASP.NET 4.0 is so special, what its fundamental principles are, the basics of Visual Studio, and how ASP.NET controls are created and how they fit into ASP.NET pages, ultimately creating full applications. 
 - Become familiar with ASP.NET MVC, a new feature is one of the biggest additions to ASP.NET 4.0, and understand how to use it and integrate it within your existing ASP.NET applications.
 -  - Discover the intricacies of ADO.NET and how to perform data binding to many sources, from databases to file streams to XML.
Learn the various forms of security available and how to best apply them. Once considered the Achilles' heel of all Windows web applications, security has vastly improved and is now a cornerstone of ASP.NET 4.0.
 - Examine in detail advanced user interface techniques, including user controls, customer server controls, client-side JavaScript, GDI+, and Silverlight 3.
 - Understand how to work with web services, an important skill in an increasingly connected world.
 - Use ASP.NET AJAX 4.0, with an emphasis on contemporary web development techniques.
Perform development using Internet Information Services 7, Microsoft's premier web hosting platform.

About the Apress Pro Series

The Apress Pro series books are practical, professional tutorials to keep you on and moving up the professional ladder.

You have gotten the job, now you need to hone your skills in these tough competitive times. The Apress Pro series expands your skills and expertise in exactly the areas you need. Master the content of a Pro book, and you will always be able to get the job done in a professional development project. Written by experts in their field, Pro series books from Apress give you the hard-won solutions to problems you will face in your professional programming career.

About the Author

Matthew MacDonald is an author, educator, and MCSD developer who has a passion for emerging technologies. He is a regular writer for developer journals such as Inside Visual Basic, ASPToday, and Hardcore Visual Studio .NET, and he's the author of several books about programming with .NET, including User Interfaces in VB .NET: Windows Forms and Custom Controls, The Book of VB .NET, and .NET Distributed Applications. In a dimly remembered past life, he studied English literature and theoretical physics. Send e-mail to him with praise, condemnation, and everything in between, to p2p@prosetech.com.

Kitap Bilgileri :

Sayfa: 1520 pages
Yayıncı: Apress; 4 edition (February 26, 2010)
Dil: English


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