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George Shepherd -ASP.NET 4.0 Step by Step

Asp.NET'ü .NET Framework üzerinden bu muhteşem eserde öğrenmek istemez misiniz ?Product Description

Teach yourself the fundamentals of Web development with ASP.NET 4.0-one step at a time. With STEP BY STEP, you get the guidance and learn-by-doing examples you need to start building Web applications and Web services in the Microsoft(R) Visual Studio(R) 2010 environment. The author--a highly regarded programming expert, writer, and instructor--illuminates ASP.NET features through practical examples that help developers quickly grasp concepts and apply techniques to the real world. The book also includes a companion CD with code samples, data sets, and a fully searchable eBook.

About the Author

George Shepherd is an expert on the Microsoft .NET Framework and develops some of the industry's leading third-party .NET-based tools. He is the coauthor of several popular programming books, an instructor for DevelopMentor, a speaker at industry conferences, and has served as a contributing editor for MSDN(R) Magazine. He's been programming with Windows since version 2.0, in the 1980s.

Kitap Bilgileri :

Paperback: 608 pages
Publisher: Microsoft Press; 1 edition (April 15, 2010)
Language: English

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